Covid-19 Protocols

Due to coronavirus pandemic new protocols to enter the Galapagos were installed in July 2020 to prevent further spread of the virus and to be able to monitor the whereabouts of the tourists. All passengers must be able to present the following:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Return flight ticket
  3. Negative PCR test result taken within 96 hours prior to travelling. Tests in Ecuador have to be conducted by a laboratory accredited by ACESS. Underage persons are exempt from the test.
  4. Safe conduct pass (Salvoconducto) issued by the tour operator or the accommodating establishment. All tourist services have to be booked at registered operators with hygiene protocols established.
  5. Completed Transit Control Card (at the airport, 20 $) (Special Regime for entering Galapagos)
  6. Completed Form “Declaration on medical condition” to monitor the whereabouts of all tourists, if starting your trip in Ecuador. If you travel directly from abroad, you will complete the form on arrival to Ecuador.
  7. Valid Health Insurance Certificate