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Tunnels Isabela Isl 

Start   Tunnels is a site that is located on Isabela Island, where we find volcanic formations for those interested in geology

Next  Among the lava formations are populated by various species of birds such as blue footed boobies, pelicans, frigates and penguins where we walk observing the great diversity of endemic plants that live in the area.

Then  entre el viaje pasamos por diferentes arcos en forma de tuneles que es la verdadera razon por la cual se le da el nombre, luego de el recorrido a pie regresamos a finados donde se realiza el snorkeling con las diferenetes especies como , tiburon punta blanca, mantarrayas, morenas, caballitos de mar, peces que viven en las cuevas que le dan el nombre al lugar

Finish  After finishing the great visit we headed back to Puerto Villamil, where we found an islet called the widow, where the [nazca iqueros that can be observed in the area nest, also the manta rays that enjoy the turbulent waters of the sea open.

Summary Start Service

The tunnels famous for the lava formations and are located on the façade of the Sierra Negra volcano, where the great variety and diversity make it one of the Lugaraes where many spaces live.

Blue-footed booby nests courtship and how to sing them make us imagine that we are in paradise, the pleasure of seeing geological formations and observing in snorkeling the variety of aquatic species that live in tunnels, such as sharks white, sea manta rays, brunettes and multicolored fish make the trip perfect.


  • Lunch, snacks, tea and coffee on the boat
  • Wet suit, mask and fins
  • Bilingual guide Spanish / English
  • Shared boat for sightseeing

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