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Duration: Approximately 9 hours Starting point: Hotel (Santa Cruz Island) Start time: 6:30 am to 5:00 pm


A place of history where we will find information on the origin of the islands and their endemic species.

Mann Beach

In the surroundings of Mann beach you can see a large number of birds of different species that feed and nest on its shores. Different trails that start from the town center will take you to different places of visit that are relatively close and that have great natural beauty; among them the wolf house that houses a colony of sea lions.
We can observe a great variety of marine fauna such as sea lions, turtles, terejové, frigate dolphins, sea lions, Galapagos tortoises, robin gannets, blue-footed gannets, marine iguanas, dolphins and Galapagos gulls,

Cerro de las Tijeretas

It is also of interest for historical reasons as it was the first site where Naturalist Scientist Charles Darwin landed in all of the Galapagos.

Cerro tijeras is located on San Cristóbal Island in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, it is a place where you can especially see frigates and the beautiful Wreck Bay, as well as Puerto Baquerizo Moreno in all its splendor.
Ideal place to take a bath and do Snorkeling and enjoy the immense marine fauna that we have on the island.

La Lobería beach

Playa la Lobería is located 10 minutes from San Cristóbal airport.
La Lobería is a coral sand beach that has been named for the large number of sea lions that rest on its rocks and sand.
It is one of the places where you can practice surfing.
It has an extension of 900 meters of nature trail.
This place is used by the local population for leisure activities. Part of the trail is made up of rocks and part of sand.
The main attraction of this site is the presence of Galapagos wolves that are on the beach and in the bay of the wolfhound.
Marine iguanas are also observed along the shores and large numbers of sea turtles are observed on the rocky reefs of the bay.
The sea lion is a piece of coast that has been named for the large number of sea lions that rest on its rocks and sand. Despite being outside the limits of the Galapagos National Park area, due to its great importance, the park staff is in charge of its maintenance and care.

  • Lunch, snacks, tea and coffee on the boat
  • Wet suit, mask and fins
  • Bilingual guide Spanish / English
  • Shared boat for sightseeing
  • Flights to / from Sam Cristobel Island
  • Arrival / departure transfers
  • National park entrance fees and taxes
  • Travel Insurance
  • Accommodation

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